Buying Guide for Prescription Contact Lenses


Prescription is deemed to be a legal document for a reason. We all know rules and regulations are best suited for our own interest and does have a lot of benefits. Let us look at what exactly a prescription is, we can say it is a document given by a professional to the individual which makes it customized to that person’s needs. A well written prescription includes all the necessary information about the prescribed product and its use and specifications. In the case of contact lenses even if the purpose is not vision correction still getting a prescription would be a good idea because it is not like one size of lens will fit all eyes. The prescription also includes the specific size that your eyes will be comfortable wearing. Hence getting a prescription from an eye practitioner is a very good idea.

Walking to a professional

                Ophthalmologist is a professional so is an optician. Both can give you a prescription for contact lenses but in United States different states have different laws and regulations. So you will need to ask around what is legal in your state to be a good law abiding citizens. An easy way to do that would be just to talk to any of these professionals and that person will hopefully guide you well through about who can prescribe you what. Now you know who to visit, the question arises what to expect from this professional. Mainly there will be three things that person will inspect you for.

  • Your eye health and if contact lenses are right for your eyes.
  • According to the above will determine what kind of contact lenses you should use, might give you some options to choose from.
  • The professional will also check for any vision correction problems, the treatment will depend on the findings.
  • Will examine your eyes in detail and will also measure the size and curves of your eye to determine the size you should buy for your contact lenses.

Good fitted contacts are very necessary for a comfortable experience otherwise the whole exercise will be good for nothing if you are not comfortable in those contacts.


Key Words in a prescription

OS and OD is the term you will see defiantly see on your prescription, but don’t worry these are just fancy words for left eye and right eye. OS is Oculus Sinister and OD stands for Oculus dexter, now for those who are into fancy words will know that sinister in Latin means left and dexter means right and even if you aren’t aware what oculus means it should mean eye.

Other words are not as fancy as the above, some other words that you will find on that prescription would be power, which indicates the vision error your eye has if there is any. Base curve and diameter are sizes which is necessary to determine the lens size for your eye and last is the brand. Now you can always discuss different options with your eye care professional and get a prescription for the brand that will suite your needs best. Brand is mentioned on the prescription contacts due to the mere fact that your prescription will take you to the authentic and legal retailer of whatever brand you have on your prescription.

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